Quicksilver Brake Kits – Contracting Band


All single place aircraft (Sprint & Sport) come standard with a nose wheel brake which is foot operated. On asphalt this brake offers marginal stopping power. On grass its minimal at best. Ultralight weight restrictions prevent the factory from supplying a heavier system. The majority of the aircrafts weight is on the rear wheels. Our brake system is simple and very effective. We have supplied Quicksilver owners with quality brake systems since 1982.

Air-Tech brake kits are the contracting band type. Each Band / Drum contact area is 10 sq. in. No other brake system offers this much contact area. This type requires the least amount of “Squeeze” force.

 BR110 MX (early model 2 axis control) $150.00

Independent actuation cables attaches to foot pedals. Can also be used independently for steering while maintaining the full use of the spoilers.

 BR120 SINGLE LEVER $160.00

Used on aircraft equipped with a steerable nosewheel.
-A   STANDERD One lever with 2 actuation cables for control stick mounting applications and minimal space.
-B   OPTIONAL Unique pully splitter system assures equal pressure on both brake drums. Mounts to airframe tubing.

 BR130 DUAL LEVER $170.00

Used on aircraft without steerable nosewheels. Independent operation can be used for steering.

Complete Kit includes: machined steel drums, brake band w/ liner, spacers, 1/16″ S. S. aircraft cable, Teflon lined heavy duty conduit, threaded conduit adjusters, steel support collars and polished cast aluminum hand levers. Levers are typically mounted on the axle struts and on the opposite side of the throttle. All systems are complete. Some drilling (3 holes at the most) may be required

NOTE. Brakes are standard on all 2 place aircraft. Above brakes will fit 5″ and 6″ Azusa wheels.
Band brake systems are typicaly not available for the Spun Aluminum type wheels.
Specify wheel type and size when ordering



Can be used on single and two place aircraft. System includes 2 ea. of 6″ spun aluminum wheels, calipers, disc, steel axles, aluminum sleeves, fluid line, bleeder valve, stick mounted OR “T” Style lever operated master cylindermounting hardware and installation instructions.