Bever Tales

Throttle Bracket 91002

Recently a Quicksilver operator experienced an issue with his throttle system.

His aircraft is a Sport 2-S but this component (91002) is used on all two place side by side aircraft.

Below is a link to a page describing the situation.

91002 Bracket


Trim Tab & Weight and Balance - 2016-05-12

Air-Tech, Inc Trim Tabs tech info. Ultralight Sport Plane weight and balance

GPL Starter Motor Amp Draw - 2013-04-01

GPL Starter Motor Amp draw

Break Caliper Bolt Failure - 2013-01-31

We recently had a customer that experienced a very costly bolt failure on the Matco brake caliper attachment.

Facebook Photo - 2013-01-31

This plane has enough "stuff" on the panel that he can fly at night in a snowstorm and land at a class B airport on top of a mountain.