Quicksilver Color Combinations

This color selection guide will help you visualize what each Quicksilver model looks like with different color combinations. Make your selections below, to see what each color combination will look like.

Aircraft: Main Color (#1):
Color Scheme: Secondary Color (#2):

Additional Colors:
#3: #7: #11:
#4: #8: #12:
#5: #9: #13:
#6: #10:  

Show internal borders?:
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Colors Available:

White Black Gray Purple Blue Turquoise Lime Green
Neon Green Dayglow Yellow Yellow West Coast Gold Dayglow Orange Red Hot Pink

About Color Selections:

Classic or Multi-Color color scheme? The Classic color scheme, is the basic scheme used by Quicksilver for many years, with pre-defined "accent" color areas. The Multi-Color scheme, allows you to add more color to your plane, or to accent a different area, than the areas defined in the Classic scheme.

The standard Quicksilver pricing, allows you to select two unique colors at no additional charge, as long as the "main" color, is not one of the Custom colors. On the GT-400, the standard color set is one main color, plus 2 additional colors. On the GT-500, the standard color set is one main color, plus 3 additional colors.

If you select more than two colors, you will be charged an additional $100 per color.

The Custom colors, which are subject to the additional charge if used as the main color, are: Gray, Neon Green, Turquoise, and Dayglow Orange.