QS MX SPRT II & 2-S Option Pricing

Engine582 Engine comes standard from the Rotax factory with oil injection pump, water pump, fuel pump, exhaust, pull starter and carburetors.
B BoxIs typically the standard gearbox with all engines.  Prices listed from factory are with this gearbox.
C BoxAllows for a much greater variety of gear ratios.  Almost mandatory for float flying or for areas that desire less noise as the prop is spinning slower.  Lower gear ratios allow for a larger slower turning prop.  Add $710.00 for this option. This gearbox MAY no longer available.
E BoxSame ratios as the “C” Box but this gearbox also incorporates the electric starter.  In true Rotax style, availability of some gearsets is not Add $1,280.00
ClutchOur “C” Gearbox centrifugal clutch is one of our most popular additions to new aircraft.  Only fits the C gearbox. RK400-C adds $550.00
PropellerStandard Quicksilver prop is a two blade wooden prop. Factory deduct allowance is ($225.00).  We suggest the Warp Drive prop for reasons explained on our website.  If on floats then for sure add the Nickel Leading Edge.  If another prop is desired then the same deduction is still allowed.
Radiator SystemStock radiator system is Rotax dual mounted on engine. We have found that the “Factory” system is not sufficient for the higher humidity areas or higher temperatures.  The RD600kit is a high capacity system and is cost neutral when ordered with the kit.
Air FilterSupplied air filter(s) is the Green Weenie foam filter.  Most, if not all builders will purchase the K & N Filter that is a more durable and washable product.
The Dual Filter for the 503 adds $51.75.
The Dual Filter for the 582 adds $51.75.
Oil Injection SystemThe Rotax 582 & 503 are supplied from Rotax with an oil injection pump attached to the engine.  The oil tank, mounts, line, filter and control cable are an option. This oil tank is mounted to the PTO end of the engine and allows easy access to fill the tank.  If the oil injection system is not used then the fuel will be pre mixed at a ratio of 50 to 1. Oil Tank Kit adds $280.00
Electric StartPull Start is standard.  Two options are available for the electric start.  The Rotax electric start kit replaces and eliminates the recoil starter.  The GPL electric start kit does have an option whereby you can retain the recoil starter as a back up. 
Rotax Starter adds $903.00 
The GPL Starter adds $635.00 
InstrumentsThese are simple airplanes.  Ideally the instrumentation should follow this concept.  No instruments are supplied with these kits.  Our Pre-Wired instrument pods offer a simple way to monitor the engines operation performance and provide the basic flight instruments.  The engine instruments should include RPM, EGT, Water Temp (or CHT) and run time (Hobbs).  The most basic of flight instruments should at least include Airspeed and Altimeter.  We offer several pre wired plug and play instrument packages.  Instrument Page or Pre Wired Pods .
Inst Pod MountingAlong with the instrument pods is the choice of mounting configurations.  The most common mount arrangement is the IN141.  Our instrument belief is that the sender wires should be as short as possible.  The overhead mounted instrument mounts allow unobstructed view with the absolutely shortest lengths of sender wiring. Pod Mounts
Battery BoxNo electrical system is supplied with the kit.  If you want an onboard 12 volt electrical system to power items such as Radio, GPS, Intercom, Instruments, Anti Collision lighting, Landing Lights, Electric starter…. etc.  you will need a battery.  Our Battery Boxes are an all inclusive plug and play type of installation.  These assemblies typically include the battery Mount, Regulator / Rectifier, starter solenoid, master switch, push button for starter, fuse holder and associated wires and cables.  This package DOES NOT include a battery.  Our pre wired Battery Boxes are simple to install and all cables and wires are pre made with required terminal ends.  Several models are available depending on aircraft type and requirements.      Battery Boxes
BatteryThe above battery box is priced without a battery.  We have several batteries that use different battery technology. All of our batteries are Starting Type batteries.   Batteries
Push ButtonPush Button is the default item mounted on the battery box to engage the starter solenoid if an electric starter is added.
Key SwitchAircraft is shipped with two rotary switches that are used to kill the ignition system. Optional key switch is available in 3 configurations.  On/Off is least expensive but does not allow the option of individually checking a dual ignition system.  Next is the Off/L/R/Both.  This allows the checking of the dual ignition system.  Lastly is the Off/L/R/Both/Start Key switch can be mounted on the battery box and replace the push button. Key Switches can also be mounted on the instrument panel.
Fuse BlockAllows up to six fused circuits in one neat compact assembly.  This is typically mounted on the battery box.  Does not include the fuses.  EL3110  adds $8.25
Fuel TanksStandard tank is the 6 gallon root tube tank.  If another fuel tank is requested, deduct $60.00.  The most popular upgrade of fuel tank is the 12 gallon tank.  On the 2-S it’s also possible to install the dual 8.5 gallon system.  Seat tanks can also be added.   FUEL TANKS
Dual Fuel valvesThe kit is shipped with one fuel on / off valve.  If the builder ops for the FU850 fuel tank it is supplied with two threaded outlets.  I you want the dual feed fuel system then one additional valve should be added.  FU405 
Dual Fuel FiltersAs with the fuel valves another option is the dual fuel filter.  FU201
Aux Fuel Pump12VDC switch controlled auxiliary fuel pump.  I’m not sure exactly why this is needed but has been requested in the past.  It is typically mounted in line with the mechanical pump. FU108
Squeeze BulbI consider this an essential item.  The fuel Squeeze Bulb is incorporated in the routing of the fuel line between the fuel tank and the first fuel filter.  The beauty of this jewel is that when squeezed it pumps fuel into and fills the carburetor bowls.  This eliminates unnecessary cranking of the engine. FU445 
Primer Pump  Another essential item… in my opinion.  The aircraft / engine is shipped with a choke circuit and associated choke cable system.  The choke is handy in very cold area environments as it provides a rich fuel condition at idle RPM.  However if the engine has sat for a while there will still be some extended cranking to get the fuel into the engine.  The Primer Pump system injects a squirt of fuel directly into the engine by passing the carburetor.  This will typically provide an instant start.  In most cases this primer eliminates the need for the choke system except for extreme cold conditions.  It can replace the cable choke system and can be mounted in the tab supplied for the choke.   Dual carb kit is FU450-D 
Headset / IntercomWe currently distribute 2 brands of Headset and or intercom units.  The Lynx System is a higher end product and delivers quality performance.  I use the Lynx system as I fly a lot and the noise attenuation of this system is excellent.  The Comtronics Engineering is also a good package for the recreational flyer.  Their quality is excellent is serves a great purpose for the economy minded operator.  Both systems have the ability to expand and can be powered from the onboard battery.  Integration to VHF radio is simply attaching the cables.
RadioMajority of the operators of these aircraft will utilize a simple (and inexpensive) hand held radio.  We stock the Icom line of radios as we feel they are an old name company and most likely will be there when (and if) we ever need them.   In all our years of providing Icom radios we very rarely ever need to contact the mfg. for customer issues.  My 13 year old A-22 works as good today as it did when it was new.  The attached rechargeable battery has lost its ability to hold a charge but the aircraft’s onboard battery keeps it going.  While these radios can be a stand alone product, meaning they have their own battery and antenna.   Many operators will install a remote antenna usually mounted on the wing or other unobstructed area.  The radio is typically interfaced to the intercom / headset with a patch cable.  This needs to be discussed, as the details are endless.  ICOM Radios & Accessories
Remote AntennaOur antenna kits are simple and complete.  The S.S. Whip Antenna is as simple as an antenna can be.  We also have mount kits that can be used to install the whip antenna and we have a kit to remotely mount the Rubber Duck antenna supplied with most hand held radios.  Antenna & Supplies
Wide SeatStandard seat is 14.5” wide at the hip section.  As the population becomes increasingly healthy a wider seat is needed.  We offer a wider seat that is 16.75” wide at the hips. PE110-W 
Trim TabThe two place aircraft are equipped with a bungee type trim assembly.  The primary purpose of this system is to carry the weight of the elevators.  Any trim or control pressure assist system should NOT be used to mask an out of rig aircraft or a  weight and balance issue.  Our cockpit controllable Trim System will allow adjustments as needed for fuel burn or variations in passenger weight.  Our trim system is attached to the trailing edge of the elevator and does not increase the load of the elevator control system. Trim Tabs
Wing FenceOnly available on single surface wing aircraft.  Very popular item for operators of float planes or anyone wishing to fly slower that stock. AT108
Rudder BraceAircraft using an engine larger than the 503 with the B gearbox.  This wire brace kit adds rigidity and support to the upper portion of the rudder.  AT2002  
Horiz BraceThis kit is only available for the Sport/Sprint 2-S.  The wide stance of the tail on the 2-S aircraft allow the horizontal tail surface to move during flight.  This kit adds stiffness to the tail section.  AT2001 
Wheels & TiresSPRINT II and SPORT II stock wheels are 5” Azusa plastic with 5” X 11” tire.  Our WHEEL KITS page on the website show the various wheel options available.The Sport 2-S stock wheel is the 6” cast aluminum wheel and allows a variety of larger TIRES
BrakesStock brakes are the external band type and are an integral part of the airframe.  If an upgrade of wheels are selected these brakes will still be used if the selected wheels are Azusa.  We stock the Hydraulic Black Max brake and wheel system and can also supply the Hager System.  Hydraulic Brake
Strobe LightsAlso known as anti-collision lighting.  This should be one the must haves on any plane.  Typically mounted on the wing tips and powered by either the aircraft lighting coil or the onboard 12 VDC battery.  We are the manufacture of the Illusion Strobe.  There are literally 100’s of types of anti-collision light systems on the market.  For a Strobe / Nav / Position light system expect to pay $300 to $900 for a aircraft grade system.  We have several suggestions and would be happy to assist.
Wheel PantsThese pants have a dual purpose.  On the ground the main purpose is to keep debris  from the spinning nose wheel off the exposed pilot/passenger.  The main wheel pants will reduce the amount of objects getting to the prop.  Drag reduction.  They might even add a little “top end” to speed envelope.  The nose wheel pant is a very popular option for the first reason mentioned.  Wheel Pants
Exhaust ClampsMost if not all 2 cycle exhaust systems use a series of springs to connect the ball joints of the exhaust connections.  This unique S.S. clamp system eliminates the springs while allowing the “balls” to still move.  EX100
Exhaust CoatingsThe exhaust systems are supplied with a high temp primer coating finish.  If the exhaust is not subjected to the outdoor elements (the plane lives outside) this coating will provide many years of protective service.  One of the options is a shinny aluminum coating called JETHOTT.  This heat applied coating is supposed to have a lifetime guarantee against rust thru.  This coating looks good and is available in several different colors. 
Ballistic Parachutes    The plane does not need this option to fly safely.  I am often asked why I have one on my plane.  My only simple answer is “cause it’s available”.  An aircraft that does not have a chute will not prevent me from flying it.  My 1956 J-3 Cub does not have one…. yet.  Shipping on the BRS parachutes is considered hazardous so there is a flat rate shipping fee, $250.00         BRS PAGE ABOVE PRICING IS ACCURATE AT TIME OF INSERTION.  IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THESE PRICES MAY HAVE CHANGED SINCE THEN.  THE HUMAN RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CONTENT IS OLD AND SOMETIMES MISSES PRICE CHANGES.