Ultralight Aircraft

Competition Aircraft Props

Competition Aircraft PropsThis adjustable pitch prop is one of the easiest propellers to set the pitch angle. It utilizes "pitch blocks" to assure equal angles on all blades. The unique hub design allows it to be attached to virtualy any type of mounting hub. The prop hub is constructed of steel and carbon fiber. The blades are constructed of carbon fiber plastic and are very resilient to wear and weather. Largest diameter is 59" and is available in 2,3 or 4 blade configuration.

Provide H.P., max prop speed and diameter and will configure the correct combination.

Spinners are no longer part of the "complete" package. Mount bolts are not included in kit but are available for each application.


Qty. Product Name Stock No. Price  
Prop, 2 Bld. Complete PRC320 $300.00  ea.
Prop, 3 Bld. Complete PRC330 $350.00  ea.
Prop, 4 Bld. Complete PRC340 $400.00  ea.
Prop, Blades Ultra PRC350 $90.00  ea.
Prop, Spacers, Bolt PRC352 $6.00  ea.
Prop, PB 8 Degrees, Pair PRC360-08 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 9 Degrees, Pair PRC360-09 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 10 Degrees, Pair PRC360-10 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 11 Degrees, Pair PRC360-11 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 12 Degrees, Pair PRC360-12 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 13 Degrees, Pair PRC360-13 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 14 Degrees, Pair PRC360-14 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 15 Degrees, Pair PRC360-15 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 16 Degrees, Pair PRC360-16 $10.00  pair
Prop, PB 18 Degrees, Pair PRC360-18 $10.00  pair