Ultralight Aircraft

Throttle Cable

All of our throttle cables are of heavy duty construction.  The "conduit" is larger than the factory original and utilizes a smooth plastic liner.  All end fittings are attached using the dipped solder method.  Typically the cable is fabricated with the threaded cable adjuster.  It is assumed that the cable will be replacing the original.  Most all of Quicksilver throttle cables are used with BING carburetors. 

To see many (not all) of the throttle cable components CLICK HERE

Custom cables are easily made and we will need to know the specifics on your application.


Qty. Product Name Stock No. Price  
Cable, Throttle GT Q45810 $30.88  ea.
Cable, Throttle GT Q45810AT $30.88  ea.
Cable, Throttle GT400/500,503/582 DC Q45811 $31.38  ea.
Cable, Throttle, MX, DCU Q90280DCU $34.25  ea.
Cable, Throttle, MX, SCU Q90280SCU $34.25  ea.
Cable, Throttle, Spt II Q90281 $29.28  ea.
Cable, Throttle, Spt II, TM Q90281DCT $29.28  ea.
Cable, Throttle, Spt II, UM Q90281DCU $29.28  ea.
Cable, Throttle Ext. 20 Inch Q90286 $10.52  ea.
Cable, Throttle Ext 20 Inch Q90286AT $10.52  ea.
Cable, Throttle Ext. 28 Inch Q90287 $10.52  ea.
Cable, Throttle Ext. 28 Inch Q90287AT $10.52  ea.
Cable, Ext. Oil 28 Inch Q90294 $10.82  ea.
Cable, Ext. Oil 28 Inch Q90294AT $10.82  ea.
Cable, Throttle, MX, DCT Q90280DCT $34.25  ea.
Cable, Throttle, GT500, 912 Q45809AT $28.26  ea.
Cable, Throttle, MX, SCT Q90280SCT $34.25  ea.
Cable, Throttle GT, DC Q45810DCAT $30.88  ea.
Cable, Throttle GT400/500, 503/582 DC Q45811AT $31.38  ea.