Ultralight Aircraft

Eye Bolts

How to read Bolt Sizes

The first number after "AN" designates the diameter.

The A at the very end of all the numbers designates that there will be no hole in the shank.

The last number, either single or double digit denotes length; a single digit denotes nominal length to the 1/8th of an inch; double digit numbers denote the first digit as a whole measure in inches, the second an additional nominal sizing to the 1/8 inch measure.

Typically, AN hardware this size will have 3/8" thread length.

The abbreviations "FT" = Full Thread.

Abbreviations NF = Nation Fine thread


Qty. Product Name Stock No. Price  
Use AN43B-14a Q10350 $0.00  ea.
Bolt, Eye, 5/16-24 X 1-3/32 Q10377 $30.00  ea.
Bolt, Eye, 3/8 X 2, 45/64 Q10378 $34.83  ea.
Bolt, Eye, 3/8 X 2, 29/64 Q10379 $34.83  ea.
Bolt, Eye, 3/8-24 x 2 x .25H Q10382 $24.90  ea.
Use AN44B-11a Q10383 $11.93  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN42B-12a AN42B-12a $9.86  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN44B-24a AN44B-24a $18.44  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN44B-23a AN44B-23a $23.13  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN44B-20a AN44B-20a $19.81  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN44B-11a AN44B-11a $11.93  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-27a AN43B-27a $11.35  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-24a AN43B-24a $12.36  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-23a AN43B-23a $11.89  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-22a AN43B-22a $11.67  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-20a AN43B-20a $11.44  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-17a AN43B-17a $10.50  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-17 AN43B-17 $12.00  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-15a, FT AN43B-15A FT $11.24  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-15a AN43B-15a $10.09  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-14a AN43B-14a $11.50  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-14 AN43B-14 $11.67  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-13 AN43B-13 $11.44  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-10a, FT AN43B-10a FT $15.11  ea.
Bolt, Eye, AN43B-10a AN43B-10a $7.27  ea.