Ultralight Aircraft

Tail - Empennage

Parts for: MX - MXL -  MXII - MXLII - Sprint - Sport - Sprint II - Sport II - Sport 2S - GT400 - GT500

The "Q" is for our inventory control.

The "Q" is followed by the "Quicksilver Part Number" From Your Assembly Manual. (Ex. Q40162)


Qty. Product Name Stock No. Price  
Plug, 1 Inch Expansion Plug Q20130 $0.76  ea.
Fitting, K.P. B, MXH Adj, Assy Q20139 $91.28  ea.
Tail Skid,Y/DQ/QE/MX/II/L Q40155 $59.75  ea.
Tube,Tail Mnt Xcpt MXH/IIHP/L Q40170 $72.00  ea.
Tube,Tail Mnt MXH/IIHP/LII Q40172 $87.43  ea.
Brace, Rudder All Q40181 $65.14  ea.
Spar, Rudder L.E. Y/DQ Q40250 $51.71  ea.
Spar, Rudder LE MX All Q40251 $67.18  ea.
Spar, Stab, L.E. MX/II Q40260 $79.76  ea.
Spar, Stab LE MXL/H/IIA/IIHP Q40265 $61.36  ea.
Spar, Stab, L.E. Oversleeve Q40266 $10.51  ea.
Spar, Stab TE LW, MXL Q40269 $101.76  ea.
Spar, Stab., TE Y/MX/II/IIA Q40271 $103.03  ea.
Spar, Stab, T.E., MXL/LII/S Q40275 $103.12  ea.
Frame, Rudder, MX All Q40333 $110.36  ea.
Strut, Rudder Comp, MX All Q40391 $14.89  ea.
Strut, Rudder Balance Old Styl Q40396 $16.30  ea.
Strut, Balance, Rudder, Gusset Q40399 $9.32  ea.
Strut, Stab Comp Y/DQ/QE/MX/II Q40400 $14.89  ea.
Strut, Diag, MXH/IIHP/LII Q40420 $59.41  ea.
Tube, Tail Brace MXH/IIHP/LII Q40425 $65.02  ea.
Tube, Torque, Dual Rudder MXLI Q40437 $21.19  ea.
Tube, Tail Brace, MX Q40440 $56.89  ea.
Tail Skid, MXH/IIA/IIHP/LII/S Q41150 $63.29  ea.
Tube,Tail Brace MXIIA/MXS Q41440 $63.29  ea.
Strut, Balance, Rudder Q45002 $25.19  ea.
Rudder T.E. GT500 Q45003 $90.88  ea.
Tube, Rudder, Top Q45004 $48.61  ea.
Spar, Rudder, Vert, GT Q45005 $50.48  ea.
Frame, Rudder, GT Q45006 $101.23  ea.
Tube, Tail Boom GT5 Assy. Q45012 $988.70  ea.
Tube, Horiz. Stab L.E. Q45014 $56.72  ea.
Spar, Stab. L.E. Assy, GT Q45015 $57.14  ea.
Tube, Stab T.E. Q45016 $48.61  ea.
Tube, Elev. L.E. Q45017 $52.68  ea.
Strut, Drag, Stab, Assy. Q45018 $41.12  ea.
Tube, Elev. T.E. Q45019 $54.69  ea.
Strut, Tail Supt, Assy, GT Q45020 $50.31  ea.
Spar, Stab, Vert, LE GT Q45025 $40.00  ea.
Strut, Stab, Comp, Outboard Q45027 $38.89  ea.
Strut, Elev. Comp, 19.94 Q45028 $6.60  ea.
Strut, Elev. Comp, 18.92 Q45029 $6.60  ea.
Strut, Elev, Comp, 18.09 Q45031 $6.60  ea.
Strut, Elev, Comp, 17.20 Q45032 $6.60  ea.
Strut, Elev, Comp, 16.26 Q45033 $6.60  ea.
Frame, Elevator, Assy, GT Q45035 $62.04  ea.
Push Rod Elevator Assy., GT400 Q45037 $48.54  ea.
Pushrod, Elev, Assy GT500 Q45039 $77.00  ea.
Cover, Stab, Horz, Lft GT Q45043 $115.69  ea.
Cover, Stab, Horz, Rt, GT Q45044 $115.69  ea.
Cover, Stab, Vert, GT Q45046 $113.16  ea.
Flange, Strut, Tail Boom Q45050 $134.91  ea.
Tail Skid, GT Q45060 $38.15  ea.
Tube, Vertical Stab, TE Assy. Q45063 $68.90  ea.
Spar, Stab, Horz, GT Q45064 $44.88  ea.
Strut, Comp. Vert. Stab. Q45065 $36.47  ea.
Tube, Vert Stab L.E.,Assy Q45066 $58.73  ea.
Bracket, Attach, Rud Post, Up Q45071 $36.47  ea.
Channel, Attach, Rudder Post Q45072 $40.09  ea.
Bellcrank, Elev., Assy. Q45074 $44.88  ea.
Bracket, Horn, Elevator Q45076 $7.94  ea.
Spar, Stab, Vert, T.E., GT Q45080 $34.95  ea.
Tube, Base, Stab, Vert, GT Q45081 $17.48  ea.
Plate, Gusset, Rudder #1 Q45083 $8.87  ea.
Plate, Gusset, Rudder #2 Q45084 $8.87  ea.
Tube, Stab, Vert, Top GT Q45086 $14.68  ea.
Bellcrank, Rudder Assy. Q45087 $38.47  ea.
Strut,H-Stab.Drag,Strml. Q45118 $29.68  ea.
Strut,H-Stab.Supt,Strml Q45119 $23.70  ea.
Fin, Ventral Q45151 $113.61  ea.
Bulk Head , Ventral Fin Q45152 $8.33  ea.
Strut, Side Aft GT Q45443 $24.86  ea.
Fitting, Tail Boom Strut Q45468 $23.09  ea.
Arm, Elevator Control Q70070 $53.70  ea.
Strut, Elev Comp, MXLII/H/S Q70090 $11.68  ea.
Frame, Elevator, MX All Q70110 $65.04  ea.
Spar, Elev. L.E. MX All Q70130 $98.13  ea.
Spar, Elevator, LE LW MXL Q70131 $96.77  ea.
Fitting, Clevis, Elev. Tube Q70190 $16.30  ea.
Arm, Rudder Control Q70290 $24.26  ea.
Horn, Rudder Left Q70291 $26.64  ea.
Horn, Rudder Right Q70292 $26.64  ea.
Tab, Rudder Trim Q70610 $9.45  ea.
Tube, Elev. Adjust, 1 Inch MXLII Q80025 $23.20  ea.
Tube, Adjust, Elev MXH Q80027 $23.20  ea.
Tube, Elev Adjust, MXII/IIA Q80110 $16.45  ea.
Tube, Tail Brace, 2S Q80392 $70.04  ea.
Sleeve, Neoprene Q90290 $0.76  ea.
Horn, Rudder RPC Q91101 $26.64  ea.
Bracket, Rudder Pulley Q91106 $12.74  ea.