Ultralight Aircraft

Airframe Wires

Airframe Wires

When applicable all wires are OEM.  Typical construction is 7 X 7 Stainless Steel Aircraft grade cable. All airframe wires are vinyl coated black.  All control cables are uncoated.  All wires will have an identification tag or sleeve label.

Some cables are used on several model aircraft.  The explinations below might aid in decifering what cables you are hunting.

Some of the abbreviations on the cable descriptions:  LWR = Lower, UP = Upper, LG = Landing Gear, W/O = Without, ASSY = Assembly,  IB = Inboard, OB = Outboard, RT = Right, LFT = Left, RT = Right, LE = Leading edge (front), TE = Trailing edge (rear),  AFT = Rear, P/P = Push Pull, SUPP = Support 

Aircraft Model Designations. / = Cable fits multiple models, II = Two place aircraft,  SPRT = Sprint or Sport, Y = Yamaha, DQ = Double-Quick, S = Super, UM = Under Mounted engine,  TM = Top Mount engine, GTS = 400 Strut braced, GTC = 400 Cable braced, S2S = Sprt 2 S, A = Ailerons Early model MXII aircraft did not have ailerons. This designation means "ailerons added"

If you have any doubt what cables are required for your aircraft PLEASE contact us for clarification.

Click HERE for a list of wires for each aircraft.


Qty. Product Name Stock No. Price  
Wire, Tail, Lower, MXL Q20491 $24.86  ea.
Wire, Tail, Lwr, Y/DQ Q20493 $24.71  ea.
Wire, Tail Lower MX/II Q20495 $27.00  ea.
Wire, Tail Upper MX,MXII Q20500 $40.00  ea.
Wire, Tail Upper MX/L/LII/IIA Q20501 $40.00  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR TE IB MX/II Q20510 $22.47  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR TE IB MXL Q20514 $22.47  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR TE OB MX/II Q20520 $27.84  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR TE OB MXL Q20524 $26.64  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR LE OB MX/II Q20530 $31.96  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR LE OB MXL Q20534 $31.96  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR LE IB MX/II Q20540 $20.09  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR LE IB MXL Q20544 $22.47  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR TE OB SPRT Q20546 $27.84  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR TE IB SPRT Q20547 $22.47  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP TE IB MX/II/A Q20550 $26.64  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP TE IB MXL Q20554 $26.64  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP TE OB MX/II/A Q20560 $29.01  ea.
Wire, Wing Up TE OB, MXS Q20562 $32.90  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP TE OB, MXL Q20564 $29.00  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP LE OB MX/II/A Q20570 $29.60  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP LE OB, MXL Q20574 $29.60  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP LE IB MX/II/A Q20580 $23.09  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP LE IB, MXL Q20584 $23.09  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP Assy LFT SPRT Q20586 $96.01  ea.
Wire, Wing, UP Assy RT SPRT Q20587 $96.01  ea.
Wire Set Upper LT., SPTII TM Q20591 $109.15  ea.
Wire Set Upper RT., SPTII TM Q20592 $109.15  ea.
Wire Set Upper LT SPTII TMA Q20598 $109.15  ea.
Wire Set Upper RT SPTII TMA Q20599 $109.15  ea.
Wire, Tribar MX/L/II/XS Q20602 $40.00  ea.
Wire, Tribar Brace MXLII Q20603 $27.21  ea.
Wire, Root Tube MX, MXII Q20604 $22.47  ea.
Wire, Tri-Bar Supp, FWD Q20606 $29.60  ea.
Wire, L.G. Side, MXL Q20614 $23.09  ea.
Wire, LG Side MX/II/A Q20615 $23.09  ea.
Wire, LG Side, SPRT Q20616 $23.09  ea.
Wire, Anti-Drag, MXL W/O AILER Q20617 $24.86  ea.
Wire, Anti-Drag, MXLII/MXS Q20618 $30.08  ea.
Cable, Elev. P/P Safety, MXL Q20628 $18.93  ea.
Cable, Elev P/P Safety, MX Q20630 $20.09  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR TE IB MXIIA Q21510 $28.43  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR TE OB MXIIA Q21520 $32.44  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR LE OB MXIIA Q21530 $32.90  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR LE IB MXIIA Q21540 $29.01  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR LE IB MXLII Q21550 $27.21  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR LE OB MXLII Q21551 $31.97  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR TE IB MXLII Q21552 $26.06  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR TE OB MXLII Q21553 $31.96  ea.
Wire,Wing UP LE IB MXLII Q21554 $24.26  ea.
Wire,Wing UP LE OB MXLII Q21555 $23.89  ea.
Wire,Wing UP TE IB MXLII Q21556 $18.44  ea.
Wire,Wing UP TE OB MXLII Q21557 $30.53  ea.
Wire, LG, Side MXIIA/MXLII Q21558 $23.09  ea.
Wire, L.G. Side, SPRTII Q21559 $24.19  ea.
Wire, Root Tube, UP, Aft LIIHP Q21561 $29.60  ea.
Wire, Lwr Aft Root Tube Assy. Q21562 $29.60  ea.
Wire, Elevator Stop Q21564 $18.32  ea.
Wire, L.G. Side SPTIIA Q21568 $23.09  ea.
Wire, Wing LWR TE IB, SPTII Q21572 $23.89  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR TE OB, SPTIIA Q21573 $31.96  ea.
Wire,Wing LWR TE IB, SPTIIA Q21575 $26.06  ea.
Wire, Tribar Nose MXIIA/MXLII Q21600 $40.00  ea.
Cable, Rudder, GT400 Q45067 $28.28  ea.
Cable, Rudder, AFT, Assy Q45110 $29.41  ea.
Cable, Rudder, Center, GTS Q45111 $13.90  ea.
Cable, Rudder, Aft, GT500 Q45112 $35.59  ea.
Cable, Aileron, GT500 Q45714 $29.94  ea.
Wire Set Upper Lft GTC Q45731 $83.78  ea.
Wire Set Upper Rt GTC Q45732 $83.78  ea.
Wire, Wing LWR LE IB GTC Q45735 $17.01  ea.
Wire, Wing LWR LE OB GTC Q45736 $27.39  ea.
Wire, Wing LWR TE IB GTC Q45737 $16.94  ea.
Wire, Wing LWR TE OB GTC Q45738 $19.61  ea.
Wire, Wing, LE Truss, GTS Q45745 $20.66  ea.
Cable, Aileron, Lft MXL Q71019 $20.09  ea.
Cable, Aileron, RT, MXL Q71021 $20.09  ea.
Wire, Anti-Drag Q71032 $35.63  ea.
Wire, Anti-Drag, MXII/MXIIA Q80030 $32.09  ea.
Cable, Rudder, RT EXT MXL/H Q91112 $28.43  ea.
Cable, Rudder Lft. MXL/H/LII Q91113 $28.43  ea.
Cable, Rudder, RT. MXL/H/LII Q91114 $28.43  ea.
Cable, Rudder, RT MXLII Q91122 $28.43  ea.
Cable, Rudder LFT MXLII Q91123 $28.43  ea.
Cable, Aileron, LFT MXLII Q91129 $20.09  ea.
Cable, Aileron, RT. MXLII Q91130 $20.09  ea.
Cable, Rudder, RT. SPTII Q91132 $30.80  ea.
Cable, Rudder, LFT, SPTII Q91133 $30.80  ea.
Cable, Aileron, S2S Q80351 $35.67  ea.
Wire, L.G. Side, S2S Q80352 $22.48  ea.
Cable, Rudder, S2S Q80353 $27.74  ea.
Wire, Tribar USE Q20602 Q20600 $0.00  ea.
Wire, Wing, LWR LE OB Super Q20532 $31.97  ea.