Ultralight Aircraft

Wing Assembly

WING OEM replacement parts for all Quicksilver Aircraft

The "Q" is for our inventory control and is followed by the "Quicksilver Part Number" From Your Assembly Manual.    (Ex. Q40162)

If you are not sure about what you need please call our tech line and we'll gladly assist.

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Qty. Product Name Stock No. Price  
Bearing, Bellcrank Q10702 $35.93  ea.
Spring, Flap Q10800 $7.32  ea.
Spring, Elevator Balance Q10801 $8.35  ea.
Spring, Flap, GT500 Q10830 $8.21  ea.
Rope, Control line Q20109 $0.44  ea.
Pulley, Control Q20230 $15.04  ea.
Rib Tip, Front, All Q20250 $1.95  ea.
Rib Tips Rear Old Style Q20260 $2.44  ea.
Rib Tip, Rear, 1.75 Q20262 $3.77  ea.
Connector, Tube,90 Deg. .75-1.75 Q20439 $18.78  ea.
Conn,Tube 7/8 X 1 Q20440 $0.76  ea.
Conn,Tube 1.250X1.750 Alu. Q20441 $24.86  ea.
Conn,Tube 1.250X1.250 Alu Q20442 $24.86  ea.
Conn,Tube 7/8 X 1 Alu Q20445 $17.74  ea.
Conn, Tube 1 Inch Alu Q20446 $18.78  ea.
Conn, Tube 1 Inch Q20450 $1.03  ea.
Spar, Wing, TE MX/Y/DQ Q40120 $201.12  ea.
Spar, Wing TE MXL Q40125 $204.78  ea.
Spar, Wing TE Sprint Q40129 $204.78  ea.
Spar, Wing LE MX/Y/DQ/QE Q40130 $217.97  ea.
Spar, Wing LE Sprint Q40133 $219.33  ea.
Tube, Elev Adjust, MX/MXL/MXS Q40135 $20.79  ea.
Spar, Wing LE MXL Q40136 $217.97  ea.
Tube, Tip Assy, MXL/MXS Q40137 $59.31  ea.
Spar, Wing, L.E., Sport Q40138 $217.97  ea.
Spar, Wing, T.E., Sport Q40139 $201.12  ea.
Rib, Y/DQ/QE/MX Q40160 $22.47  ea.
Rib, Upper, MXL/MXS Q40165 $24.86  ea.
Rib, Tip Rib, MXL/MXS Q40166 $37.69  ea.
Rib, Lower, MXL/MXLII Q40167 $22.47  ea.
Rib, Upper MXH, Sprint II Q40169 $23.54  ea.
Rib, Upper Tip MXH, SprintII Q40171 $37.69  ea.
Strut, Comp., Wing Tip Only MX Q40280 $32.50  ea.
Strut, Comp, LW MXH/IIHP/LII Q40283 $38.95  ea.
Strut, Comp, Slvd., MX/L/II Q40284 $63.52  ea.
Push Rod, Aileron Assy. MXLII Q40347 $47.07  ea.
Strut, Tip MX Q40410 $14.89  ea.
Rib, Upper Assy, MXLII Q40462 $24.86  ea.
Rib, Tip, Upper MXLII Assy. Q40463 $38.72  ea.
Stop, Aileron Q42000 $15.13  ea.
Bellcrank,Aileron/Root Tube Q42002 $26.64  ea.
Bellcrank, Aileron Q42009 $24.86  ea.
Mount, Aileron Bellcrank Q42029 $27.92  ea.
Rib, Elevator, Assy., GT Q45030 $18.78  ea.
Bushing, Trim Component, Aft Q45042 $5.45  ea.
Pull Rod Flap Fwd. Q45136 $32.68  ea.
Pull Rod, Flap, Aft Q45137 $12.82  ea.
Pawl, Flap Detent Q45139 $13.43  ea.
Bellcrank,Trim GT500 Fwd Assy Q45196 $46.41  ea.
Bellcrank, Trim GT5 Aft Assy. Q45197 $44.87  ea.
Spar, Aileron, L.E., Assy, GT Q45205 $70.86  ea.
Spar, Aileron, T.E., Assy, GT Q45206 $41.12  ea.
Spar Aileron, L.E., 67.88 Q45207 $55.70  ea.
Spar, Aileron, T.E. Assy,67.70 Q45208 $37.45  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45210 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45211 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45212 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45213 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45214 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45215 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45216 $5.02  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. GT400 Q45217 $5.02  ea.
Tube, Tip, Aileron, GT Q45220 $10.62  ea.
Spar, Flap L.E., GT500 Q45225 $78.80  ea.
Spar, Flap, L.E. Assy. GT Q45231 $78.80  ea.
Spar, Flap, T.E. Assy, GT Q45232 $31.07  ea.
Spar, Flap , T.E. Assy, 108 Q45233 $36.68  ea.
Tube, Tip, Flap, GT Q45234 $10.62  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. 14.807 GT Q45236 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. GT 400 Q45237 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. GT400 Q45238 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. GT 400 Q45239 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. GT 400 Q45240 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. GT 400 Q45241 $5.66  ea.
Tension Rod, Flap, RT, GT Q45243 $59.88  ea.
Tension Rod, Flap, Left, GT Q45244 $43.42  ea.
Horn, Flap Q45260 $36.55  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp, 12.46 Q45270 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp, 11.84 Q45271 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp, 11.21 Q45272 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp, 10.58 Q45273 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp, 9.96 Q45274 $5.60  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp, 9.33 Q45275 $5.60  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp, 17.57 Q45280 $6.36  ea.
Strut, Flap, Comp, 16.94 Q45281 $6.36  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp, 16.31 Q45282 $6.36  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp, 15.68 Q45283 $6.36  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp., 15.05 Q45284 $6.36  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp, 14.42 Q45285 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp, 13.79 Q45286 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp, 13.16 Q45287 $5.66  ea.
Strut, Flap Comp. 12.53 Q45288 $5.66  ea.
Plate,Side Strut Attach Lft Q45401 $18.90  ea.
Plate, Side Strut Attach, Rt Q45402 $18.90  ea.
Plate, Strut Attach, Wing Q45403 $26.23  ea.
Plate, Strut Attach, Wing, RT Q45405 $13.25  ea.
Plate, Strut Attach, Wing, LFT Q45406 $13.25  ea.
Strut, Side, FWD, INBRD Q45430 $36.47  ea.
Strut, Side, FWD, OUTB Q45431 $34.44  ea.
Strut, Lift, LE, Strm Q45620 $191.69  ea.
Strut, Lift T.E. , STRM Q45621 $185.19  ea.
Spar,Wing, LE, LFT,GT500 Q45623 $259.34  ea.
Spar,Wing, LE, RT,GT500 Q45624 $259.34  ea.
Spar,Wing, TE, LFT, GT500 Q45625 $255.31  ea.
Spar,Wing, TE, RT, GT500 Q45626 $255.31  ea.
Spar, Wing, L.E., Assy, GT Q45655 $239.54  ea.
Spar, Wing, T.E., Assy, GT Q45660 $235.43  ea.
Tube, Tip, Wing , Assy,GT Q45666 $51.40  ea.
Strut, Diag. I.B. GT Q45670 $56.44  ea.
Strut, Diag., OB, GT Q45673 $56.44  ea.
Strut, Comp, IB, GT Q45676 $28.43  ea.
Strut, Comp. OB, GT Q45679 $31.97  ea.
Strut, Lift, Fwd, Assy, GTS Q45682 $81.87  ea.
Strut, Jury, FWD, Assy, GTS Q45683 $31.97  ea.
Strut, Spreader, GTS Q45684 $63.73  ea.
Strut, Lift, Aft, Assy GTS Q45685 $82.65  ea.
Strut, Jury, Aft, Assy, GTS Q45686 $31.52  ea.
Strut, Jury, Diagonal, GTS Q45687 $68.12  ea.
Fitting, Strut, Lift Q45688 $45.56  ea.
Clevis, Lift Strut Q45689 $32.39  ea.
Bracket, LE Spar Fwd Q45690 $10.62  ea.
Bracket, LE Spar AFT Q45691 $10.62  ea.
Plate, Attach, Diagonal Q45692 $11.08  ea.
Fitting, Strut, Lift, Thrd. Q45696 $39.48  ea.
Pushrod, Aileron, Assy Q45699 $50.62  ea.
Rib, Upper Surface, GT Q45702 $22.47  ea.
Rib, Upper , OB GT Q45703 $30.77  ea.
Rib, Upper O.B. GT500 Q45705 $21.20  ea.
Rib, Lwr. OB Assy. GT Q45706 $14.20  ea.
Rib, Lower, GT Q45707 $21.01  ea.
Strut, Tip Rib GT5 Q45712 $12.84  ea.
Fitting, Wing, L.E./Strut Q45721 $39.42  ea.
Fitting, Wing, T.E. Strut Q45722 $39.42  ea.
Strut, Jury, STRML, L.E. Q45728 $22.70  ea.
Strut, Jury, STRML. TE Q45729 $19.75  ea.
Spoiler Crossover Plate Q70431 $8.70  ea.
Spoiler Horn Q70432 $44.57  ea.
Spoiler Panel Q70450 $24.86  ea.
Kit, Aileron, MXL Retro Q71000 $1,131.58  ea.
Tip,Ail Comp ST,FWD,MXL/LII Q71001 $0.92  ea.
Tip,Ail Comp ST, AFT,MXL/LII Q71002 $0.92  ea.
Bushing, Aileron Q71003 $2.95  ea.
Spar, Aileron LE IB MXL/IIL Q71007 $50.29  ea.
Spar, Aileron LE OB MXL/LII Q71008 $50.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #1 MXL/LI Q71009 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp.#2 MXL/LII Q71010 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #3 MXL/L Q71011 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #4 MXL/L Q71012 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #5 MXL/L Q71013 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #6 MXL/L Q71014 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #7 MXL/L Q71015 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #8 MXL/L Q71016 $6.29  ea.
Strut, Aileron Comp. #9 MXL/LI Q71017 $6.29  ea.
Horn, Aileron Q71018 $34.71  ea.
Strut, Bellcrank, MXL/LII Q71020 $54.85  ea.
Push Rod,Aileron, Assy, MXL Q71022 $49.59  ea.
Spar, Aileron, TE IB MXL/LII Q71025 $39.31  ea.
Spar, Aileron, TE OB MXL/LII Q71026 $31.96  ea.
Spar, Wing LE MXIIA/IIHP Q80050 $236.09  ea.
Spar, TE MXIIA/IIHP Q80060 $217.97  ea.
Rib, MXIIA/IIHP Q80190 $22.47  ea.
Spar, Wing LE MXLII Q80200 $264.57  ea.
Spar, Wing TE MXLII Q80201 $216.80  ea.
Tube, Tip Assy, MXLII Sport Q80207 $81.15  ea.
Spar, Wing TE Sprint II Q80220 $216.80  ea.
Spar, Wing LE SprintII Q80230 $264.57  ea.
Spoiler Actuator Q90590 $44.57  ea.
Bellcrank, Spoiler Q91104 $34.25  ea.
Spar, Wing, LE, RT, S2S Q80301 $269.78  ea.
Spar, Wing, LE, LT, S2S Q80302 $269.78  ea.
Strut, Comp., Wing, BelC., S2S Q80303 $65.75  ea.
Strut, Comp., Wing, INBD., S2S Q80304 $59.99  ea.
Strut, Diag., Wing, Inbd, S2S Q80305 $59.08  ea.
Strut, Diag., Wing, Outbd, S2S Q80306 $59.96  ea.
Spar, Wing, TE, RT, S2S Q80307 $254.96  ea.
Spar, Wing, TE, LT, S2S Q80308 $254.96  ea.
Tube, Wing Tip, S2S Q80309 $73.39  ea.
Rib, Lower, S2S Q80310 $22.76  ea.
Rib, Upper, S2S Q80311 $26.90  ea.
Rib, Upper Tip, S2S Q80312 $30.52  ea.
Spar, Aileron, LE, S2S Q80314 $91.55  ea.
Stiffner, Wing Cover, LE S2S Q80320 $45.86  ea.
Strut, Lift, STRML, LE S2S Q80321 $186.47  ea.
Strut, Lift, STRML, TE S2S Q80322 $188.84  ea.
Strut, Jury, STRML, LE, S2S Q80323 $30.69  ea.
Strut, Jury, STRML, TE, S2S Q80324 $34.66  ea.
Plate, Wing Strut, S2S Q80325 $30.35  ea.
Push Rod, Aileron, Assy, S2S Q80354 $46.78  ea.