Ultralight Aircraft & Light Sport Aircraft

MX II Sprint

   Sprint II w/ Rotax 582 B      




Type Fixed Wing
No. of Seats Two
Landing Gear Tricycle
Wingspan: 32.75 ft
Length: 17.50 ft
Height: 9.33ft
Wing Area: 180 sq ft
Engine (standard): Rotax 582 /B (64 hp)
Empty Weight: 325 lbs
Useful Load: 395 lbs
Kit Type:
Est. Build Time: 40-60 hrs
Field Assembly Time:  
Airframe type: Aluminum tube
Standard covering: Dacron sailcloth
Production Since: 1988
Wing loading 4.0 lb/sq ft
Power loading: 14 .4 lb/hp
VNE: 75 mph
Top level speed: 55 mph
Cruise speed: 39-55 mph
Stall Speed: 27 mph
Climb rate: 595 fpm
Take off roll: 102 ft
Glide ratio: 4.5:1
Fuel used at cruise: 3.2-5.8 gph


  • Dual CDI electronic Ignition, Dual Carburetor Engine.
  • Steerable Nose Wheel.
  • Main Wheel brakes.
  • High lift, Partial Double Surface Wings.
  • Extra Ribs for Firm Airfoil.
  • Conventional 3-Axis Controls.
  • 68" 2 Blade wood propellor
  • Inflight Adjustable Trim Control.
  • Tapered Stabilizer.
  • Tubular Braced Tail.
  • Excellent Crosswind Capability.
  • Easy Handling and Responsive Control.
  • Short Takeoff and Landing.
  • Airspeed Indicator.


The MX II Sprint is ideal for the recreational flyer and float flying. Its high lift, partial double surface wings give it an exceptionally short take-off roll and predictable handling at very low flight speeds. These characteristics make the MX II Sprint easier to learn to fly than anything in its class. When equipped with floats, the MX II Sprint's high lift wing will get you out of the water quicker and have you landing slower.