Terms of Sale

Aircraft from inventory stock are pre paid prior to shipping. Delay items (usually four to six weeks) such as Ballistic Parachute Systems and Warp Drive props are paid at time of sale. These items are shipped direct to the end user.

Ordered aircraft

A deposit of 50% is required to secure a production slot. At this time a delivery date and an airframe serial number will be issued.

Delay items are paid in full at this time. Upon notification of “Kit Ready Status” we will require the balance to be paid in full prior to shipping.

Custom Items: Items that require custom work, such as special color pilot or wheel fairings, engine modifications, unique pre wired instrument panels, float systems, etc.. will be pre paid at time of order.

Custom Sail Colors

Enclosed is a sail pattern sheet. Day Glow Orange, Day Glow Yellow & Neon Green are colors that will require an additional $100.00. Please request a color swatch sample pack to ensure your choice. Special request patterns are handled on a per case basis.

Aircraft Built By Air-Tech

80% of the total invoice will be pre paid prior to construction. Balance is due upon completion.

Standard building charge is 20% of list price. This is calculated from total purchase price. This service includes professional aircraft assembly, weight and balance calculations, installation and calibration of all instruments & accessories, engine break-in and test flight.


Assembled aircraft delivery is also available. Built aircraft will be disassembled, packed and secured in a covered trailer. Figure $250 plus $1.00 per mile one way. Reassembly at final destination is charged at $50.00 per hour.

Method of Payment

Cash, certified funds, check (one week delay), wire transfer or credit card. Please note that there are additional fees associated with wire transfer.

Pre-Payments should be sent to our office address:

Air-Tech, Inc.
268 Airport Rd.
Reserve, Louisiana 70084

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