Ultralight Fabric Tester Video

Air-Tech’s Bever Borne explains the use of the Q.S. Fabric Tester on dacron fabric. This punch tester can be used on most aircraft and ultralight fabrics.

Quicksilver Aileron Cover Install Video

Air-Tech’s Bever Borne does show & tell on the process of covering the Quicksilver aileron frame with the presewn dacron cover. Many folks have a hard time with the install.

The Ethanol Fuel Issue

Topic: Using Ethanol poisoned gasoline in our FRP fuel tanks manufactured after 2004 is typically not an issue.  Our resin formula is compatible with the current ethanol blend injected fuel. > We use the FRP tanks on our flying fleet and purposely use ethanol injected fuel to monitor this activity.  Rant:  I cannot say from day to day what … Read more

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