MX Sprint

Extremely fast roll response and handles crosswinds easily with its conventional three-axis controls. Yet it retains the docile and predictable slow flight characteristics that made the original MX famous. more

Quicksilver MX Sport by Air-Tech Inc.

MXL Sport

Designed to enhance the envelope of your flying pleasure. Its sleek, short span double-surface wing with full-span ailerons and conventional three-axis controls give the MX Sport a faster roll rate, greater speed range and better crosswind capability. – more

MX II Sprint

Ideal for the recreational flyer and flight schools. Its high lift, partial double surface wings give it an exceptionally short take-off roll and predictable handling at very low flight speeds. – more

MXL II Sport

Perfect for the pilot who wants easy handling and excellent control response. A dual surface wing, inflight adjustable trim make flights a breeze – more

Sport 2S

The best side-by-side trainer ever. Featuring strutted wings, wider cockpit, rugged aluminum steerable nose wheel, and larger wheels.

GT- 500

The First Sport Airplane in the world to receive FAA certification in the Sportplane class of the Primary category! The GT 500 development program was initiated with the goal of producing the best performing Quicksilver ever.

GT 400 Special Edition

The GT 400 is known to be one of the finest ultralight type aircraft ever designed. Owners love them! Spring Loaded nose wheel, 4 position flaps, vibration-free engine mount, -short take off. The GT400 line is temporarily not in production.


LAMA CERTIFIED – The only ultralight certified to an FAA recognized airworthiness standard. Spring Loaded, steerable nose wheel. Adjustable seat. 68″ 2 Blade wood propeller. The GT400 line is temporarily not in production.


Air-Tech Inc. has been proud to be a Full Service, Authorized Quicksilver Dealer offering Sales, Service & Flight Training of Quicksilver Ultralight Aircraft for over 40 years.  We are now able to ensure that the product line of completed aircraft kits and replacement parts are still available to the industry.

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