GT 400 Special Edition

Air-Tech, Inc offers technical support and maintains a good supply of replacement parts for the GT400 models. We have temporarily suspended production of the completed GT400 Kits. Should you need any assistance with these aircraft please don’t hesitate to call us.

Type Fixed Wing
No. of Seats One
Landing Gear Tricycle
Wingspan: 30 ft
Length: 19.83 ft
Height: 6.5 ft
Wing Area: 146 sq ft
Engine (optional):  
Empty Weight: 306 lbs
Useful Load: 264 lbs
Ultimate Load factor:  
Kit Type: Assembly
Est. Build Time: 125 hrs
Field Assembly Time: 1 Hr
Airframe type: Aluminum tube
Standard covering: Dacron sailcloth
Optional covering:  
Production Since: 1984
Wing loading: 3.9 lb/sq ft
Power loading: 11.4 lb/hp
VNE: 74 mph
Top level speed: 78 mph
Cruise speed: 64-78 mph
Stall Speed: 29 mph
Climb rate: 1,450 fpm
Take off roll: 65 ft
Glide ratio: 7.5:1
Service ceiling:  
Fuel used at cruise: 3.67-6.67 gph

 Spring loaded, steerable nose wheel. Full windshield, pilot fairing and pylon cover. 4 position flaps. State-of-the-art landing gear suspension. Adjustable seat. Virtually vibration-free engine mount. Low cockpit noise. Tapered wing. Airspeed indicator.

MANUFACTURERS NOTES: LAMA CERTIFIED – The only ultralight certified to an FAA recognized airworthiness standard.

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