About Air-Tech Inc

Air-Tech, Inc. is owned and operated by Gene “Bever” Borne and his wife Kim who manages the business. Bever began flying powered hang gliders in 1977. The aircraft was a Quicksilver “B” model with an 8 HP Chrysler West Bend engine.

In the early days, participation in the sport was very physical. All takeoff and landings were done with your own feet or called foot launching. In simple terms, “you ran like hell to get the aircraft flying.” Only the dedicated survived. Sales of this type of aircraft were limited to the very healthy and extremely fast. The advent of the wheels opened the door a little wider and allowed greater participation. It was then that Bever decided to make this sport his life. Developing products that would make the sport safer, easier, simpler and available to all who care to join…is our task.

Air-Tech, Inc. is a full-time, full service ultralight aircraft operation. Our business criteria includes: sales, service and support of ultralight aircraft, parts inventory and complete services in all aspects of the sport of ultralight flying. This includes engine troubleshooting and repair, airframe alignment, electrical systems, high thrust products, weight and balance conditions, both static and dynamic, aftermarket products and enhancements, float flying, flight park / flight school layout & operations, financing, insurance, legal paperwork, and having fun. Additionally, we manufacture many accessories for all Quicksilver Aircraft which we have been supplying to Quicksilver owners worldwide since 1977.

Service to our customer is top priority.

We strive to maintain an ample inventory of stock to keep your ultralight in the air. Most parts orders are shipped within 24 hours or same day pick up for local customers.

Free technical support is always available to those who are in need.

Accessories are fun and we have ’em (all of ’em).

Bever, many, many, years ago.

All accessories we sell are thoroughly tested and proven. No customer of ours will ever be a test pilot for anything. All items that we sell are the best money can buy. Floats, ballistic parachutes, wheel pants, instruments, high performance propellers, strobe lights and radio systems are a few examples of what we have to offer. We are Float Flying Specialists.

Bolt-on – It is our goal to offer our customers products that require minimal effort to install. All of our fiberglass products are available as a bolt-on option. We strive to always provide everything you need to install any of our products.

Air-Tech, Inc. has been a full time, full service operation and involved with the Quicksilver line of flying machines since 1977. Since then we have developed many products that enhance the Quicksilver Ultralight. To date, we have sold over 400 new ultralight type aircraft and have signed up over 4000 new students to the sport. We may not know ALL the right things to do, but we have a very long list of things NOT to do. We would hope that our past experience will be of an asset to you and your ultralight endeavors.

Should you have any situation with any of the aircraft, engines, associated systems or the business that you are not 100% sure of, please don’t hesitate to call on us.

Thank you,

Gene “Bever” Borne II
Kim T. Borne

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