Assembly Manuals

Quicksilver Assembly Manuals are provided here as an aide to assist you in determining which part you need. More manuals will be added.

Quicksilver E Assembly Instructions
Quicksilver E Assembly Instructions


MX Assembly Manual

1983 MX assembly manual. 2 axis control. Rudder & Elevator on stick. Spoilers on pedals

MX Owner Manual Cover
MX Owner’s Manual
Eipper Aircraft Inc.


MXL Assembly Manual
Doc 832-3

Revision D
Kit # 99300

MXIIA Assembly Manual

1st update to the original MXII. 2 axis control w/ spoilers. Main update is on page 15 & 23 Tri-Bar assembly

Sprint Assembly Manual
Doc 872-01 B

Sprint II engine mounted under wing. “A” King Post. No wires to tail section.

Engine Mounting Instructions
Rotax 582 Powerplant

Doc# 922-01

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