MX Sprint

(Shown with the AERO1000 Engine Package)


Designed for the entry level pilot while retaining the excitement & handling a proven pilot demands.

The MX Sprint has extremely fast roll response and handles crosswinds easily with its conventional three-axis controls. Yet it retains the docile and predictable slow flight characteristics that made the original MX famous.

Type Fixed Wing
No. of Seats One
Landing Gear Tricycle
Wingspan: 28 ft
Length: 18 ft 1 in
Height: 8 ft 10 in
Wing Area: 156 sq ft
Engine (standard):  
Engine (optional):  
Empty Weight: 250 lbs
Useful Load: 275 lbs
Ultimate Load factor:  
Kit Type: Assembly
Est. Build Time: 30-40 hr
Field Assembly Time:  
Airframe type: Aluminum tube
Standard covering: Dacron sailcloth
Optional covering:  
Production Since: 1987
Wing loading:  
Power loading: 3.36 lb/sq ft
Top level speed: 65 mph
Cruise speed: 54 mph
Stall Speed: 24 mph
Climb rate: 44-54 mph
Take off roll: 65 ft
Glide ratio:  
Service ceiling: 14,000 ft
Fuel used at cruise: 2.5-4.5 gph


  • Conventional 3-Axis Control
  • Tapered Stabilizer
  • Tubular-Braced Tail
  • Triangulated Kingpost Assembly
  • Partial Double Surface Wings
  • Extra Ribs for Firm Airfoil

Listed Performance Specs are based on 42 HP

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