Pilot Fairing Complete Kit

Our Quicksilver MX fairing offers the pilot an increase in cruise speed without adversely sacrificing the take-off, landing, or stall speed. Each fairing is constructed using hand laid lightweight fiberglass reinforced matrix. The exterior is a durable High-Gloss Polyester Gel-Coat finish and requires no further attention. The windshield is a 1/16” thick optically clear Lexan™ sheet and is precut. Lexan™ is the material of choice due to it’s incredible resistance to shattering (shards) in the unlikely event of impact.

The fairing is normally shipped as it is removed from the mold (without any mounting cut-outs). However, since we are the manufacturer, Air-Tech can supply the Pilot Fairing with template oriented holes and cut outs — See information below. You will need to drill the holes to attach the windshield and the (6) holes for the mounting hardware.

Air-Tech, Inc. does not recommend cutting a hold big enough to allow the nose wheel to occupy space in the nose of the fairing. Instead, if requested, we will supply a pair of standoffs and necessary hardware which will raise the foot pedals and allow the fairing to be mounted just above the nose wheel. These standoffs are also used in the steerable nose wheel application.

  • STANDARD COLORS are white or black 
  • CUSTOM CUT-OUTS can be supplied for the following for an additional charge:
    Standard MX, MXL, SPRINT or SPORT with or without wheel pants.

    With or without Steerable nose wheel.


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