Engine Information System (EIS) Gauges & Probes

Complete engine instrumentation packages available in various models for nearly all 2 & 4-stroke engines.The EIS includes 6 display pages. Combination pages provide convenient grouping of 6 or 7 engine parameters. Labeled pages are used by the alarm system with its external red warning light to make unsafe engine conditions immediately apparent.  Additional warning is supplied with an audible buzz if wired into intercom system

2-stroke models M2002 provide tach, dual EGT, dual CHT, water and oil temperature, hourmeter, flight timer, voltmeter and outside air temperature and auxiliary input.   Four-stroke M2004 models include all of this, plus oil pressure, a second auxiliary input and a 10 rpm resolution tachometer. All models also available with the fuel flow option (including totalizer and time to empty). The 2-stroke model is available w/altimeter/rate-of-climb.

Requires 5- 15/16”w x 2-3/4”h x 2-1/2”d panel space.  Lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.

This information system actually cost less than individual gauges and is spot on accurate.

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