Probes / Sending Units / Leads

CHT PROBES:  Most of the Hirth and the Rotax 912’s use the 10MM, All the Rotax 2-Stroke use the 14MM and the large 4 stroke (Lycoming & Continental) will use the 18MM.

EGT PROBES:  Most later model Rotax exhaust manifolds have the welded boss on the exhaust manifold. This will use the THREADED probes.   If no boss is installed then use the clamp on type probe.  Whatever probe you use it is imperative that the TIP of the probe be located in the center of the exhaust tube.  The clamp type probe can be adjusted using 3/16″ washers.  Don’t overtighten the threaded probes.

All EGT and CHT probes are 4′ in length.  

LEAD EXTENSIONS are available for single(2 wires) or dual (4 wires) gauges.  Bolt ends of lead extensions are FEMALE terminal ends.  Ends of probes and pins on back of gauges are MALE.

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