Battery Boxes

Any aircraft that utilizes a supported electrical system or an electric starter needs a battery. The unique open-air nature of the Quicksilver line of ultralights does not provide many hiding places for items like batteries and electrical support items. Air-Tech, Inc. produces a clean and compact battery box to support all the electrical requirements for the Quicksilver builder.  The standard assembly that attaches to the Root Tube of the SportII, Sprint II and the Sport 2-S is complete with all components (except battery) to provide 12 volt power for your instruments and accessories.  A provided Regulator / Rectifier is mounted to the assembly and it provides for the charging system of the battery.  Typically a push button starter switch and a Master On / Off toggle switch is included.  Also included is the 8 gang fuse holder that provides fused outlets for additional ancillary items like radio, GPS, lighting and intercom systems.

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