Fuel Tanks

Fiberglass Fuel Tanks are custom tooled to produce a product that will fit in the exact location of the original fuel tank. All hardware is of stainless steel or aluminum alloys for corrosion resistance. The fuel filler neck is hot dipped zinc coated steel. The fuel cap is a self venting, pressure regulated, 1/4 turn bayonet type made of zinc plated steel. Chrome plated steel caps are available.

Standard fuel tank for the Single place Sprint and Sport aircraft is 5 gallons and the fittings are held in place using rubber bushings (threadless).

Standard tank for the Two place Sprint II & Sport II is 6 gallons and the fittings are threaded.

Standard GT 500 tank is 8 gallons.

The body of our Sprint/ II & Sport/ II tanks are gel coat White. The top of the tanks
are translucent. Internal walls of our tanks are coated with the same compound
commonly used in the marine industry.

Fuel Caps All fuel caps either plastic or metal are vented caps.  This feature eliminates the need for additional venting of the tank.

Replacement   FUEL CAPS  //  FUEL CAPS

All tanks are tested to one atmosphere for a period of at least 15 minutes.

The ever present  ETHANOL ISSUE

I’m often asked about ETHANOL REMOVAL

For FRP products (Fiberglass Root-Tube Tanks & Seat Tanks) Please allow a 2 week lead time prior to shipping. – Thank You!

Learn more about Long Range Fuel Tanks

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