Gear Oil, 90W – Pint


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L-625 “Powergear” 90W EP Gear Lubricant. Use in all Rotax gearboxes. Superior quaility, multi-purpose gear lubricant formulated for heavy-duty applications. Offers a unique adhesive and cohesive characteristic which causes it to “climb” and “cling” to the internal moving parts. Composed of virgin 100% paraffin base oils with the highest natural film strength and viscosity index on the market today. Fortified with additives to enhance performance and provide optimum positive lubrication. Meets and/or exceeds API GL-5, API MT-1 and PG-2, MIL-PRF-2105E and Mack GO-J specifications. DO NOT use as break-in gear oil! 1 Pint (16 fl. oz.) container.