Helmet – Pro-Com /3100 Headset


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Comtronics PRO-COM Helmet is unique as well because it offers a detachable design allowing removal of headset from helmet.

This helmet can be used with Comtronics Model-3100 Headset, Model-3000 Headset,  and General Aviation Headset. There is a cut-out in the liner into which the headband fits snuggly. And the chin strap has the new built-in ultra-soft chin pad design as well.

Helmet chin straps are available with “D” rings or quick-disconnect snaps. They are compatible with all Comtronics intercoms and radio interface cables. Each helmet comes with a black peak visor.

Available in Metallic White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red, Metallic Wine, Blue, Glossy Red and Glossy Black