Helmet- Ultra-Pro STD


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The ULTRA-PRO Standard Helmet also has a plush fully upholstered liner and beaded foam inner shell with the new ultra-soft chin pad design. A feature unique to the Comtronics ULTRA-PRO Standard Helmet, the flip-out ear muffs allow easy entry and ability to converse with a student or passenger while making pre-flight inspections. Muffs have an elastic band over the ear cup enabling the wearer to pull muffs more tightly against the ear.

Helmet chin straps are available with “D” rings or quick-disconnect snaps. They are compatible with all Comtronics intercoms and radio interface cables. Each helmet comes with a black peak visor.

Gel/Foam Ear Seals can also be added for higher noise attenuation

Incorporates the new built in ultra-soft chin pad design

Ear muffs are secured to a spring steel wire frame and can be adjusted up and down.

Ultralight or General Aviation audio can also be installed.

Available in Metallic White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red, Metallic Wine, Blue, Glossy Red and Glossy Black