Kit, Radiator, 582/583/618


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Air-Tech Exclusive! Designed for the higher temperatures and humidity of The South. Single Large Capacity Radiator, Expansion Tank and Mounting hardware. Everything is supplied for the addition of this radiator kit except the coolant.

These kits are easy to install onto the Quicksilver Aircraft using the water cooled top mounted engines. Simple hand tools and a drill motor to drill one hole.  The total volume of coolant is 1 gallon.  Can be used or without an overflow bottle.

NOTE:  The current radiator that is used within this kit is NOT as shown in the picture.  The new radiators utlilize an aluminum core and plastic tank on both ends.  The inlet / outlet ports are for 1″ hose.  Also located on the bottom tank is a threaded drain.

Width is 13″.  Length of Core is approx. 19″.  Length with Tanks is 22-1/2″  C / C Mount holes is approx. 23-1/2″.   Weight is approx 3-1/2 lbs.  The 4th picture is the current hose routing.