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Since 1978, Dan White has been designing and producing one of the finest Strobe Light Systems for ultralight type aircraft. His designs are powered by the engines own AC lighting coils. VERY SIMPLE!! In December, 2002 Air-Tech, Inc. became the manufacture and distribution point of this very fine line of Strobe Systems. The Illusion Strobe System has maintained it”s solid reputation in the ultralight industry by constantly delivering a quality package with expert customer service. The unique function of this system along with its 25 year resiliency is testament of Mr. Whites occupation as a Professor of Electrical Engineering. Here”s the scoop: THE BRIGHTEST AC POWERED STROBE LIGHT AVAILABLE – 25 JOULES (watt second) and yet it is the most efficient strobe light available because?… Strobe System runs directly off the engines AC lighting coils or any 2 to 14 amp AC power source. Works with or without a battery. Connects to any system with or without a voltage regulator no matter how complex the electrical system. Uses the voltage that is usually wasted. Has NO adverse effect on the charging or electrical system.

Designed for most Light Plane engines .. Rotax, HKS, Hirth, Zenoah, MZ TWO YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY Mounting – Stainless steel tabs on the strobe head provides for simple attachment to the aircraft frame. Two rubber coated gripper clips with Velcro safety on the power supply box easily attach to 1″, 1-1/8″ or 1-1/4″ diameter tubing. (Custom mounts are available – send us your ideas!) Construction – The strobe head is a solid white PVC base with an optically clear polycarbonate “Freznel” lens. The power supply units are housed in an aluminum chassis box with a grey satin finish, semi-sealed and water resistant. Internal components are mounted using an industrial vibration resistant potting compound. Dimensions – Strobe Head: 4″ long X 2″ diameter Weight: 6 oz. Dual Power Supply Unit: 5″ X 4″ X 3″ Weight: 2.7 lbs.

Standard length leads are 12′, and 24′. Custom length leads are available upon request. When making a web order please specify lead length in notes section of web order.