Wire, Brace, Wing Tip, Sprt II


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The one and only drawback to the addition of the Wing Fence is the tip of the wing is now carrying an additional load (more of the wing is now working). The new load causes the trailing edge spar to have an upward bend. While the upward bend is not a structural issue, it does make the ailerons difficult to hinge. A hinge does not work well when it is bowed. The support cable is attached to the outboard aileron hinge point and then again at the point where the landing gear down tube attaches to the main axle. The length of this cable still allows the wing to have washout but limits the spar deflection to allow the ailerons to easily hinge. For use with float planes only.

The single place plane has a much shorter trailing edge spar.  This spar does not flex very much when the wing fence is installed and does not require this additionl cable.