Type Fixed Wing
No. of Seats One
Landing Gear Tricycle
Wingspan: 30 ft
Length: 19.83 ft
Height: 6.5 ft
Wing Area: 146 sq ft
Empty Weight: 306 lbs
Useful Load: 264 lbs
Ultimate Load factor:  
Kit Type: Assembly
Est. Build Time: 125 hrs
Field Assembly Time: 1 Hr.
Airframe type: Aluminum tube
Standard covering: Dacron sailcloth
Optional covering:  
Production Since: 1984
Wing loading: 3.9 lb/sq ft
Power loading: 11.4 lb/hp
VNE: 74 mph
Top level speed: 78 mph
Cruise speed: 64-78 mph
Stall Speed: 29 mph
Climb rate: 1,450 fpm
Take off roll: 65 ft
Glide ratio: 7.5:1
Service ceiling:  
Fuel used at cruise: 3.67-6.67 gph

FEATURES: Spring loaded, steerable nose wheel. Full windshield, pilot fairing and pylon cover. 4 position flaps. State-of-the-art landing gear suspension. Adjustable seat. Virtually vibration-free engine mount. Low cockpit noise. Tapered wing. 68″ Airspeed indicator.

MANUFACTURERS NOTES: LAMA CERTIFIED – The only ultralight certified to an FAA recognized airworthiness standard.

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