Inst. Pod Complete Air/ASI


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For air cooled engines. Includes fiberglass instrument pod, black ABS plastic face,analog gauges, pre-wired ready to install. Specify if the pitot tube is going to be remotely mounted. See the list below for what gauges are included. Any gauge can be upgraded. Includes: (1) Pod, Inst., Fiberglass, Assy (1) Gauge, EGT/EGT, 2-1/4″ (1) Altimeter,6K,NS,3-1/8″ (or similar) (1) Gauge, Tach Tiny, CDI 8′ Lead (1) Inst., ASI, 0-80 MPH, 3-1/8″ (2) Probe, EGT, Thr. Metric (1) Tube, Pitot, 1/4″ X 8″ Alum. (1) Fitting, 1/4X1/8MPT,Plastic

Please advise on the exact type of engine this will be connected.  Many of the older engines do have the threaded/welded boss’s to accept the threaded probe that is provided.  This part can be substituted with a clamp on type probe.