Wing Fences, MXII, Sprint I or II & Sprint 2-S



The Quicksilver Sprint airfoil is one of the highest load lifting wings in the ultralight industry. For this reason it is chosen as the workhorse of the product line. A large majority of the Quicksilver planes operating on floats are using the Sprint wing. While the airfoil shape of this wing is a high lift configuration, the open end of the wing tip allows a significant amount of lifting air  to escape. This escaping air also creates drag inducing vortices. Our tests have shown that the outboard 5′ of each wing is funneling the air out through the open tip. The simple addition of our Tip Fences stops the air from spilling out of the open end. The result is a wing which is utilizing the entire length. You will notice a shorter take-off run, lower cruise RPM and an increased climb rate. The fence arrangement is constructed of 1/2″ aluminum tubing and a 1/16″ thick Lexan®  panel. The Lexan® is attached to the tip rib of the wing and the new lower rib frame. The fence is supported from braces on the outboard compression strut. Assembly should take less than 2 hours and requires simple hand tools. Everything is included in the kit. A pop rivet gun is needed. If on floats, it is strongly recommended that the Trailing Edge Support Cables AT2013  be added to your aircraft when using Wing Fences.  Single place aircraft do not need the additional AT2013 wires.

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